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Fruitia Disposables – 10ct Box

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Fruitia Disposable Flavors – 10ct box

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5% (50 mg)

Up to 400 Puffs

Fruitia Vape Disposables Apple Kiwi Crush

Fruitia Vape Disposables Blood Orange Cactus Cooler

Fruitia Vape Disposables Passion Fruit Guava Punch

Fruitia Vape Disposables Pineapple Citrus Twist

Glow LED Disposables – 10ct Boxes


Mr. Vapor – Glow LED Disposables – 10ct Boxes

Mr. Vapor Glow’s come completely energized out of the box with a 400mAh battery, allowing you to appreciate 650 puffs in a large number of various flavors. This stylish vape disposable also features 3.2mL of 5% salt nicotine e-liquid, is fully disposable for maximum convenience, and comes a scratch verification to ensure complete authenticity.