Fiya Disposables – 10ct Box


Fiya Disposable Flavors – 10ct box.

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5% (50 mg)

Up to 400 Puffs

Flavor list: Icy Blue, Icy Melon, Lemon Blush, Thrilla Nilla, Icy Nana, Toro Energy, Sour Apple, Minty, Icy Peach, Stra Nana.

Fiya bar disposables makes it easy to savor delicious fruity vapor nicotine

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Fiya bar disposables makes it easier than ever before to savor delicious fruity vapor nicotine. These disposables are the e cig that come ready to vape, no mess, refilling, changing atomizers, or charging. Simply enjoy and toss when the eliquid inside is gone. It literally doesn’t get any easier than this.

Every disposable offers 450+ puffs, has a 50 mg eliquid, and a 350 MAH battery power.


Lemon Blush:

On the outside, its pretty pink color and soft matte finish, looks little and cute but it packs a big flavor. Lemon Blush from Fiya will give you a flavor to love from start to finish. At first inhale, be met with a sweet lemon flavor that dances into a strawberry rush across your taste buds. On the exhale the strawberry lemon fusion turns more tart for a lasting flavor. With shockingly large clouds from such a small device it will quickly take a place in your vaping world.

Toro Energy:

Fall in love this precious slate purple Fiya stick, that is much more savage than its color leads you to believe. This Fiya disposable went to a much more energetic side of the spectrum this time with a flavor that is hand in hand with a energy drink flavor. Although this disposable will not actually give you any caffeine, it will give you a burst of flavor your brain will take as a caffeine pick me up that will sending you looking for more.

Sour Apple:

This pretty green disposable will make you smile with look and fall in love with flavor. Firstly on inhale you get to feel the slight tart that comes from a ripe green apple. Then, that same tart taste perfectly pairs with the applicious exhale. Be prepared to want an apple a day with this amazing Fiya disposable.

Thrilla Nilla:

This tan disposable is a sweet and vanilla filled experience you are sure to love. Thrilla Nilla by Fiya disposable gives a feeling of eating french vanilla ice cream out of a fresh waffle cone. On inhale get hit with the essence of spiced waffle batter. On the exhale prepare for the icy vanilla pull that will quickly become a top contender for your vape needs.

Stra Nana:

This bright red disposable is sure to catch your eye and your taste buds. Stra Nana is a flavor combination that’s been desired for years. On inhale you get the sweet taste of strawberry that quickly meets with subtle banana flavor. Making the exhale a smooth and balanced strawberry banana cloud sure to be loved

Icy Melon:

This Fiya stick looks like it might actually be on fire with its muted red color. And when you taste Icy Melon, your taste buds will be too. But never fear, on your first pull of this disposable will greet you with a nice icy start to cool you to the core, that rounds into the most on point representation of a fresh watermelon taste. When you exhale you find yourself surprised there is not a slice of frozen watermelon in your hand.

Icy Peach:

With a beautifully light matte peach color, you can judge this book by its cover. Icy Peach from Fiya is a lovely rendition of a frozen peach gummy. Firstly, on inhale get a sweet peachy flavor that will associate with sugary candy, that gets met with a subtle icy menthol exhale. Making its way to the top of your list of go to Fiya disposables.

Icy Nana:

This bright yellow disposable is a one of a kind. Icy Nana takes beloved banana, freezes it, and throws it in a convenient Fiya disposable. On inhale you get a very slight icy tingle on your taste buds. As you let the flavor set, it quickly becomes a hit of banana on the taste buds. The exhale will marry the two flavors making a delicious flavor that any banana lover will need in their mix.

Icy Blue:

Incoming, super cute baby blue making its way to your rotation. Icy blue by Fiya disposable is a tangy sweet flavor for anyone who favors blue raspberry with an icy twist. On inhale the taste buds get flooded with tangy blue raspberry flavor. On the exhale iced menthol makes it way through to make for a well rounded flavor your sure to not feel blue about.


This beautifully slight matted green disposable has the minty kick made for the menthol lovers. Targeted directly for the mint vapers in the world. On inhale get a perfectly intense spearmint flavor that lingers on the tongue till the exhale. The cloud is almost like blowing a giant minty bubble with spearmint gum, without the sticky mess.


About the brand: Fiya is a Boise e-liquid manufacturer churning out THE freshest, and best e-liquid products around.  As purveyors of hand-crafted e-liquid flavors exploding with ripe flavors of fresh fruits, they guarantee you a taste that will Tantalize your Taste buds. Fiya disposable is a top seller around the globe for a reason.

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Fiya Flavors

Icy Blue, Icy Melon, Icy Nana, Icy Peach, Lemon Blush, Minty, Sour Apple, Stra Nana, Thrilla Nilla, Toro Energy